*RECENT NEWS:  The 2019 Annual Meeting was held August 24, 2019. Please see the About > Board Members tab above for the newly elected DLPOA board members’ roles and contact information.

Welcome to our community! For all DLPOA Documents, recent Financials, Columbine Park reservation forms, and other important information, please see the tabs above and/or contact a DLPOA board member for assistance.

IMPORTANT TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS:  If you are making ANY TYPE OF IMPROVEMENT (i.e. Home, Garage, Deck, Shed, Fence, New Roof, New Septic, etc…) Dory Lakes Property Owners Association has Covenants and Architectural Rules that have been in place for over 30 years. Please refer to the following page for details regarding submission of your plans for review by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC): https://dorylakes.com/architectural-control-committee/